Argentine Agapanthus

This striking image depicts the only South American garden (so far) to feature on the Garden Wall.

The windmill is characteristic of farms on the Pampa where stock raising depends upon abundant water drawn from the water table. The accompanying water tank and feeding troughs associated with such a mill were removed sone years ago when it was incorporated into the garden of the casco or farmhouse on this large farm or estanciain the province of Buenos Aires, some 200 kms. south of the capital city.

The farm is called 9 de julio ( 9th July), the date on which the independence of Argentina from Spain was formalised at the Congress of Tucuman in 1816.

White crinum lilies form the foreground, vitex agnus castus or chaste tree is the blue shrub in the middleground, and the blue background is created by agapanthus lilies.

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