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CM Cabbage

Cedric Morris, Cabbage, 1956



Cedric Morris

Cedric Morris: Artist and Plantsman 13/05/15

This event will explore the life and influence of one of the best known artist-gardeners, Sir Cedric Morris. Join us for an evening in conversation with his former pupil, the contemporary artist Maggi Hambling, his biographer Janet Waymark, and with gardener Sarah Cook, who now holds the National Collection of Iris introduced by Sir Cedric Morris, which she will be showing at the forthcoming Chelsea Flower Show in conjunction with Howard Nurseries.

We will explore Morris’ early life and relationship with his partner, the vivacious Arthur Lett-Haines; his career as a painter whose work is now represented in the collections of the Tate and myriad other museums; as a teacher who set up the East Anglian School of Painting and Drawing influencing pupils such as Maggi Hambling and Lucian Freud; and look at what it took to simultaneously become one of the nation’s most respected flower breeders whose garden, Benton End, was well-known in its day.

18:30 - 20:00

Standard £20

Friend £15

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Maggi Hambling's exhibition War Requiem & Aftermath is at the Kings College Cultural Institute at Somerset House, London until 31 May 2015. 



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