Scratch and Sniff event

Scratch and Sniff event

Odette Toilette - Scratch and Sniff event, Photograph by Sam Cho

Honey to the Bee - A Fragrant Foray into Flowers with Odette Toilette - 28/03/13

Experience the Floriculture: Flowers, Love and Money exhibition through your nose, as Odette Toilette hosts a guided sniffing into the history and aesthetics of floral perfumes.

A scented tour of the exhibition will be followed by an interactive talk in which all the fragrances you experience will tell a part of the story: from the soliflore scents of the 19th century to the first ever mixed bouquet perfume and to technology which now enables perfumers to capture the whole aroma of a flower.

Can you tell the difference between natural and simulated smells, and do you think the difference matters?

Odette Toilette is the perfumer lover behind Scratch+Sniff events, founded in 2010 to inject some fun into the discovery of fragrance. From perfume sniffing and cake afternoons, to explorations of perfume and music, a Scent Speakeasy of illicit perfumes and even 'Valley of the Lost Perfumes' - which tracked down forgotten fragrances from the 20th century - Odette will bring an olfactory angle onto all manner of themes. Odette hosts regular evenings for the public, and is also an invited speaker at organisations such as the Royal Institution, the Wellcome Collection, Tate Britain and the Natural History Museum. This year she is a judge for the Jasmine Awards for Fragrance journalism.


Tickets £25, £20 friends

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Fragrances kindly provided by Floris

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