Lots in Pots 2012

20th June to 26th June 2012

'Lots in Pots' was back in 2012, with the theme ‘scent’ and were on display in our garden between 20th and 26th June.

Twenty-one of Britain's leading gardeners, designers and writers have donated their expertise, imagination and hard work to plant large pots. The pots are donated by Capital Gardens and will be displayed throughout the Museum. The Garden Museum will auction the pots to raise money for our Horticultural Internship Programme for 2013.

Some of the designers who are taking part this year are Cleve West, The Lady Egremont, Tom Stuart-Smith, Lady Arabella Lennox Boyd and Gareth Scotland (our current Horticultural Intern).  We would like to say a very special thank you to HRH The Prince of Wales who has kindly designed a pot for us.

You can read more about this worthy cause here.

Thanks to our auctioneer, James Alexander-Sinclair, and very generous supporters we raised just over £5,000 for our Horticultural Intern for 2012-2013.  It was a wonderful night in the Museum.  There are a few pictures of the evening on our Facebook page.

Image of The Lady Egremont

The Lady Egremont

It is not only scented but edible.

Image of Sarah Raven

Sarah Raven

Perfectly good for pollinators.

Image of Jo Thompson

Jo Thompson

Inspired by the planting of my recent show garden at Chelsea.

Image of Luciano Giubbilei

Luciano Giubbilei

A pot full of elegance and scent.

Image of Charles Rutherfoord

Charles Rutherfoord

Created from my own garden.

Image of Tania Compton

Tania Compton

A husband and wife joint effort.

Image of Dominic Cole

Dominic Cole

His pot will smell nice when it rains.

Image of Tom Stuart-Smith

Tom Stuart-Smith

Reminiscent of the olive groves in Corfu.

Image of Catherine Horwood

Catherine Horwood

Her pot is inspired by working with Beth Chatto recently.

Image of Stephen Crisp

Stephen Crisp

Head Gardener at the US Ambassador's residence in London.

Image of Julia Wylie

Julia Wylie

A pot of addiction.

Image of Cleve West

Cleve West

A delightful 'pick-me-up'.                  

Image of Rosemary Campbell-Preston

Rosemary Campbell-Preston

Director of Courses at The Plant School, London.

Image of Lady Arabella Lennox-Boyd

Lady Arabella Lennox-Boyd

A pot that brings the memories of warmer climes to England.

Image of Arne Maynard

Arne Maynard

A subtle scent of chocolate.

Image of Shane Connolly

Shane Connolly

Love the scent of Elderflowers.

Image of Dan Pearson

Dan Pearson

Unusual spicy scents, and for their cultural compatibility.

Image of Thomas Hoblyn

Thomas Hoblyn

A pot of 'full-sun colours'.

Image of HRH The Prince of Wales

HRH The Prince of Wales

We would like to say a special thank you to this gardener.

Image of Sarah Price

Sarah Price

Garden designer, lecturer and long time friend of the Museum creates a pot of 'desserts'.

Image of Gareth Scotland

Gareth Scotland

Our current Horticultural Intern goes for something creative.

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