Stories from the Garden Wall

This page features stories behind the images chosen for the Garden Wall.

Image of The Branxton Shepherd

The Branxton Shepherd

One of our very first adopters of a tile for the Garden Wall is the garden photographer, Andrew Lawson, who has chosen a photograph from his classic...

Image of The Old Knot Garden

The Old Knot Garden

Professor Deryn Watson has chosen to adopt an image of the Garden Museum’s Knot Garden designed by Dowager Marchioness Salisbury in...

Image of In the Midsummer, Coolness and Shade

In the Midsummer, Coolness and Shade

Rassell’s Nursery, of the Earls Court Road, have chosen an image, which, although black and white,  evocatively describes the pleasures of the...

Image of Sweet Peas

Sweet Peas

This week's tile showcases the individuality and personal nature of the images that have been chosen for the Garden Wall. John and Valerie Barritt...

Image of Argentine Agapanthus

Argentine Agapanthus

This striking image depicts the only South American garden (so far) to feature on the Garden Wall. The windmill is characteristic of farms on the...

Image of Dragonfly Bridges

Dragonfly Bridges

This week, author, Polly Devlin describes the intriguing bridges that she has chosen to feature one of her tiles for the garden Wall.   "I saw the...

Image of Memories and Meaning

Memories and Meaning

Tessa Watkins has adopted two tiles, one for each of her children, who have chosen the images. Emma chose to commemorate Rebecca Louise Law's 2014...

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