The Branxton Shepherd

One of our very first adopters of a tile for the Garden Wall is the garden photographer, Andrew Lawson, who has chosen a photograph from his classic book with the late Candida Lycett Green,' Brilliant Gardens: A celebration of English Gardens', celebrating big personalities in small gardens in Britain. This is what he said about it:

This garden at Branxton in Northumberland, photographed in 1986, contained a menagerie of life-sized animals, including giraffes, an elk and a rhinoceros, as well as human caricatures and tableaux. The figures were lovingly modelled in concrete and painted by hand.

Here, the foreground shepherd and his dogs stand guard in front of a miscellany of figures. These include a soldier mounted on a white charger (top left), commemorating the Battle of Flodden which was fought nearby.  Others, such as the angel above a giant panda (top right) are more inscrutable...

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