The Garden Museum Literary Festival. Spotlight on: Roy Lancaster


Now in my 80th year I can look back on a journey that has taken me through some of the world’s most exciting wild and garden landscapes and brought me experiences that have been enriching as well as humbling.  My childhood ambition was to be an engine driver in the age of steam, but fate had other things in mind and I have never once experienced regret.

At The Garden Museum Literary Festival I will be interviewed by Hugh Johnson about my new book, My life with plants. The book covers my childhood, where a chance find of a Mexican tobacco plant in a local allotment which brought me fame as a Bolton schoolboy, sowing the seeds of my future career. I will also describe seeing tropical plants for the first time in the jungles of Malaya, visiting Roberto Burle Marx's garden in the hills behind Rio de Janeiro, and hunting for pitcher plants in North America.


Roy Lancaster CBE VMH FI Hort FLS

Roy Lancaster is a world-renowned plantsman. Born in Bolton, Lancashire in 1937, he was a popular presenter on BBC TV Gardener’s World and panellist for Radio 4’s Gardener’s Question Time. He has received numerous awards for his contribution to horticulture including the Veitch Memorial Medal in 1972 and prestigious Victoria Medal of Honour in 1989.   He holds many positions of authority in the plant world including President of the Maple Society, President of the Hardy Plant Society and Vice President of the Royal Horticultural Society.   He is the author of two classic books on plant hunting Travels in China and A Plantsman in Nepal. His fathomless plant knowledge, popular plant introductions and continuing curiosity about the natural world make him an inspiring figure for gardeners and young horticulturalists.

Roy Lancaster will be interviewed at The Garden Museum Literary Festival by Hugh Johnson on Sunday 2nd July.

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