The Old Knot Garden

Professor Deryn Watson has chosen to adopt an image of the Garden Museum’s Knot Garden designed by Dowager Marchioness Salisbury in 1984.

‘Some years ago I left my office-desperate for some space in the middle of a hectic day', she writes, 'I turned to the embankment and paced upstream.  As soon as I got to the Museum, I rushed in, bought a coffee and  retreated to the enclosed garden.  I was enchanted by the small formal garden with its box hedges, flowers and especially the ‘spiral’.

Normally I have papers or a book in my bag. In my rush, I had nothing.  It was then that I began to learn the value just being in a ‘place’. Of doing nothing, just sitting and being, allowing thoughts to disappear, or get re-ordered. 

That garden became for me a place of refuge, a sanctuary, during some very busy times.  I now increasingly use gardens as a place to pause, to find a quiet corner and allow their magic to take over.'


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